Lemon Water – How Long Do Lemon Slices Should Last In Water?

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Here are some things you need to know about lemon water and how long should the slices last in water.

LEMON WATER – A simple yet refreshing healthy drink you can make is a lemon water and here are some facts about this.

A famous, delicious, and healthy drink is putting a lemon in your water to give it a kick and making it more nutritious. Honey, mint, and other can also be added to enjoy your drink fully and many have noted a lot of benefits from this.

In a previous article, it has been discussed that some of its benefits included hydrating power, high Vitamin C content, and its ability to prevent kidney stones. It also supports weight loss, improve skin, and aid digestion.

How long should lemon slices last in a water? Here are some details you might want to take note:

  • When kept under refrigeration, lemons can last up to three days but becomes soggy and undesirable when left alone after a few hours in a room temperature.
  • Sliced lemons can accordingly last and be refilled by water up to three days in the refrigerator.
  • Store your lemon infused water in a tightly sealed glass or plastic jug, water bottle or other containers that has a lid. 

According to Times of India article, consume this drink wisely. Some say that it has acid in it which gives one factor that it is not good for the health. However, experts says to drink in right amount. It has a lot of benefits that our body needs and certain studies show that this is associated to weight loss and detoxifying.

This is also the best thing to drink first thing in the morning to boost the body and in a daily basis, the juice from 2 lemons would be enough.


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