Itchy Skin as Symptom of Cancer of Different Types? Here’s a guide…

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Itchy Skin as Symptom of Cancer – Possible or Not?

ITCHY SKIN AS SYMPTOM OF CANCER – Here are some details on the links between itchy skin to different types of cancer.

One of the irritating common symptoms of several health conditions is itchy skin. It can be very mild that you can hardly notice and it can also be severe that will not make you sleep soundly at night.

Most often, itchy skin is due to allergies. It may be from allergies to dust, food, or several external factors. A skin allergy may be quite easier to treat more than other health conditions.

Itchy skin can also be a symptom of cancer. However, this indication needs careful diagnosis and tests are really run by the doctors.

Itchy Skin as Symptom for Cancer
Photo: University Health News

Itchy skin as a symptom of cancer is possible in several types of this disease. Based on an article on Healthline, it can be part of the signs indicating blood-related cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, bile duct cancer, gallbladder cancer, liver cancer, and skin cancer.

In the case of skin cancer, itchy skin is usually the reason why a changing spot gets attention. Whereas with regards to pancreatic cancer, it is not a direct sign but can also be an indicator as a product of the chemicals in the bile entering the skin.

Based on the article, in the case of blood-related cancer lymphoma, an itchy skin is a common indicator of the skin, T-cell lymphoma, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It is due to the chemicals produced by the immune system in reaction to the lymphoma cells.

Skin itching is really a very common symptom among many health conditions thus a medical expert’s diagnosis is really needed. It can indicate as mild as dry skin to severe cases like cancer.

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