Is Dark Urine an Indicator of Kidney Problem? Here’s An Explanation

Guide on Dark Urine Possible Causes, Risk Factors

DARK URINE – Are you wondering if having dark colored-urine an indicator of a problem in the kidney? Here is an explanation about it.

Kidney problems are among the health conditions that are considered costly and hard to treat. That is why a lot of people are conscious about the signs that may indicate a possible kidney failure.

A lot of people panic whenever their urine color is not in tune with what is normal. The ideal urine color is pale yellow. It indicates that your body is well hydrated.

The urine color that scares a lot of people is a dark urine. However, based on an article on Healthline, it does not directly point to a kidney problem and there can be different factors behind it.

Dark Urine

According to the article, dark urine may indicate a problem in the liver or can be a result of risky waste products that a person gets from food and drinks that enter the body.

When you eat or drink, the food pass through the digestive system into the circulatory system then to the kidneys where the filtering takes place. The two (2) bean-shaped organs release the waste products through the urine.

A dark urine may also indicate other health problems. Based on the article, it may point to hepatitis, bladder stones, gallstones, jaundice or the yellowing of the skin, malaria, pancreatic cancer, or cirrhosis among others.

With regards to diseases in the kidney, dark urine may be a symptom of kidney cancer or kidney stones. Due to the many possible reasons behind it, a thorough check-up with a doctor is needed. Laboratory tests may be performed for the diagnosis.

The minor health problem that may result to a dark-colored urine is dehydration. It may come along with dry mouth, dizziness, thirst, constipation, or headache. The color indicates concentration in the urine.

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