How To Cure Constipation? Here Are Some Tips

HOW TO CURE CONSTIPATION – How to make yourself poop? Here are some safe and effective tips to treat a condition called constipation.

This condition happens when you made bowel movements for just less than three times a week. The causes may vary but this is more likely considered a symptom of an underlying issue, rather than a condition. This is how to treat this.

CONSTIPATION – Natural Remedies You Must Know From Doc Willie Ong

Prevention and natural remedies for constipation.

CONSTIPATION – Here are some of the significant details you must know about constipation according to Doc Willie Ong.

Doc Willie Ong shares details about prevention and cure of constipation as anyone can suffer this kind of condition. Constipation is when one person has hard stools which makes one difficult for it to excrete. Some symptoms of it include stomach ache, stomach cramps, feeling bloated and nauseous, and losing of appetite.

With this, aside from physical movement and water, Doc Willie Ong shares some other natural remedies for this type of condition:

  • Papaya – This food has powerful effects to soften stools and taking one to two slices of it in a day is already enough. It also contains an enzyme that could help ease constipation.
  • Pears – This fruit is rich in fiber that forms bulk of the stools and sorbitol is a natural sweetener that acts as a laxative.
  • Watermelon – One to two slices of this fruit could ease constipation as this is composed mostly of alkaline water.
  • Other foods you can try if you are suffering this kind of conditions are grapes and brunes because they have dietary fiber, sorbitol, and anti-oxidants.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables – These are high in fiber and you must take regularly. As you take these high in fiber foods, you must also drink a lot of water for these components make the bulk of the stools.
  • Other high in fiber foods are wheat breads and brown rice.

Note: The medical expert insists of taking these food not too much and not too little. Take everything moderately. And if symptoms persist, you must see your doctor.


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