How To Clean Lungs? Doc Willie Shares Easy Ways

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HOW TO CLEAN LUNGS – Doctor Willie Ong shared some easy ways on how to clean your lungs even just at home.

There are several factors that can cause the lungs to work less efficiently. Among these factors are age, pollution, and unhealthy habits. Thus, it is important to know how to clean the lungs from time to time.

CLEANING THE LUNGS – Dr. Willie Ong Cites 6 Ways To Clean the Lungs

Dr. Willie Ong Shares 6 Ways of Cleaning the Lungs

CLEANING THE LUNGS – Filipino doctor Willie Ong cited six (6) ways on how to clean the lungs from phlegm.

One of the common complaints of many people most especially those who have asthma is the excessive phlegm from their lungs. It happens when there is an increased production of phlegm inside the body and it can be the result of several factors.

Based on a video posted by Dr. Willie Ong, not only asthmatic individuals are dealing with this problem. Those people who have pneumonia, tuberculoses, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) also experience the same.

One of the ways to deal with it is to consider cleaning the lungs. According to Dr. Willie Ong, there are at least six(6) ways on how to clean the lungs. Here is a list of them:

1. Steam Inhalation

You may do steam inhalation by eating a hot soup, taking a sauna bath, or inhaling the steam of a bowl of hot water.

2. Controlled Coughing

To do the controlled coughing, simply sit on a chair and put your hands over your stomach. Cross your hands and press your stomach gently while coughing.

3. Postural Drainage

Position your body in a way that lets the phlegm to flow with the aid of gravity. You may check on the video below on how to do it as there are four(4) positions that are excellent in cleaning the lungs.

4. Chest Clapping

Position your hands in a “cup” way and then clap it in front or at the back of the chest gently.

5. Exercise

According to Dr. Willie Ong, one of the best ways to exercise the lungs is by singing. It can help strengthen the muscles and expand the lungs.

6. Eat healthy food

The Filipino doctor cited that to clean the lungs, eating orange-colored fruits and vegetables would greatly help. You may carrot, pumpkin, calamansi, lemon, papaya, orange, and tomatoes. You may also eat fish such as salmon, dilis, sardines, and as well as beans for it contains selenium that the lungs need.

Here is a video of Dr. Willie Ong posted on YouTube:

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