High Cholesterol Level Can Be Detected in the Eyes – Doc Willie & Doc Liza Ong

Doc Willie & Doc Liza Ong Say High Cholesterol Level Can Be Seen thru the Eyes

HIGH CHOLESTEROL LEVEL – Doctors Willie and Liza Ong revealed how cholesterol level may be detected in the eyes of a person.

Aside from high blood sugar, another health condition that is common among many people is high cholesterol. Undeniably, a lot of Filipinos are having this condition due to the unhealthy lifestyle.

Inadequate rest and sleep, the eating of oily and fatty food, the lack of exercise, and the vices like drinking are just some of the causes of the spike of the cholesterol level in the body. We should limit our intake of oily and fatty food and as well as those with unhealthy carbohydrates to manage our cholesterol level.

How can the cholesterol level be detected?

To know about the level of cholesterol in your body, you may undergo a blood test. There are cases that the level is not ideal but it seems that the indications are quiet.

Based on the video of Doc Willie and Doc Liza Ong, high cholesterol level may sometimes be detected in the eyes of a person. A person who is suffering from it may have white freckles around the eye area. The deposits may increase through time and can become more visible:

High Cholesterol Level
Screengrabbed from YouTube/Dr. Willie Ong

According to Doc Willie, he has a lot of patients who are having fat deposits around the eyes. Based on the video, if you already have it, Doc Liza advises using foundation to cover the cholesterol plaques and avoid getting conscious about it as it cannot be removed through a surgery.

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