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Gatorade – What You Must Know About This Sports Drink

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The Positive & Negative Effects of Gatorade Sports Drink

GATORADE – Here are some facts which you may yet to know about this sports drink that is popular not only in PH but in the world.

Many people are into exercising and these individuals do not simply rely to water for rehydration. Most of them got a bottle of energy or sports drink with them everytime they head to the gym.

The same habit is also present in people who are into sports. Whether it’s basketball, football, frisbee, or other sports, they got a special drink to make sure they do not ran out of water and electrolytes.

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When it comes to sports drinks, one of the most popular is Gatorade. It was in 1965 when the said drink was developed by scientists at the University of Florida.

The sports drink was made for Gators, a football team. In 1967, the team won the Orange Bowl for the first time in several years based on an article on Medical News Today.

Are you one of those who usually drink Gatorade? You might be thinking about whether it has more offers than water and the possible negative effects.

Based on the article, Gatorade can be a better drink than water after exercising or playing sports as it contains potassium and sodium. These are electrolytes minerals which affects the brain, muscles, and nerves.

According to the article, when a person is exercising or doing strenuous physical activities, the body is losing not only water but as well as electrolytes. It also happens during time of sickness like stomach viruses.

With regards to considerations in frequently drinking Gatorade, it contains high sugar which can be a health risk. Meanwhile, with a moderate intake of this sports drink, there is nothing to worry about. This drink is not for everyday consumption as it may lead to health problems like obesity.

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