Fatty Liver – Its Causes & Symptoms According To Dr. Willie Ong

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Dr. Willie Ong Cites Causes & Symptoms of Fatty Liver

FATTY LIVER – Doctor Willie Ong cited the causes and the symptoms of this liver condition that affects a lot of people nowadays.

Aside from diabetes, another health condition that is rampant nowadays is fatty liver. It is a condition wherein the liver is covered with fats and can further lead to other liver problems like cirrhosis if not given attention.

Meanwhile, if you have it, there is no need to take on a lot of worries. As long as you take care of your body and follow what your doctor has advised you to do, you can prevent the other liver conditions.

Fatty liver is quite hard to diagnose unless you would go through an x-ray of the liver. In a video, Dr. Willie Ong cited its causes and as well as the symptoms of the said liver condition.

What are its causes?

The main cause is the lifestyle. Filipinos are fond of eating unhealthy food that are high in cholesterol such as lechon, crispy pata, pork chop, cake, and other oily food.

What are its symptoms?

According to Doc Willie, the said liver condition may show no symptoms unless it has reached a severe level. You may experience some pain on the right side of your stomach. Also, the width of the stomach will go beyond the normal size. Here are the normal stomach width for men and women:

  • Men – 36 inches
  • Women – 31 inches

Based on the video, treating the said liver problem requires the changing of the lifestyle in a slow manner. It is important to leave the vices behind and to start your healthy living. Drop some weight if you are fat and eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables.

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