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Drinking Cold Water in the Morning? Here’s What You May Yet To Know

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Benefits of Drinking Cold Water in the Morning – Is It Healthy?

DRINKING COLD WATER IN THE MORNING – Here are some benefits that drinking cold water in the morning may bring the human body.

Water remains to be the healthiest drink most especially for individuals who have no certain disease like kidney problems. It is recommended that a healthy person must drink at least eight (8) glasses of water daily.

However, the said 8-glass minimum is not applicable for everyone. People with more physical activities like those who are into sports are recommended to drink more water.

Drinking Cold Water in the Morning
Photo: Medical News Today

With regards to the temperature of water, there are questions if cold water is healthy for the body. Many people intentionally do not drink cold water in the fear of gaining weight.

Are you into drinking cold water in the morning? It has benefits that quite unknown to the public. Based on an article in Imperfectly Natural, here is a list of what it can do for the human body:

  • Purifies the Body
    • The in-take of cold water creates new muscle cells and as well as new blood cells. It can help in achieving a glowing skin.
  • Promotes healthy digestion
    • Based on the article, very little digestion happens when the body is asleep. It is best to kick-start the day by drinking a bottle of cold water.
  • Helps boosts performance
    • Some studies found that drinking cold water in the morning can help boost the performance in working out. It can help burn calories and shed pounds.
  • Prevents headache
    • Based on the article, one of the leading cause of headache in the morning is lowered levels of water in the body. A cup of cold water upon waking up can drive the pain away.
  • Helps ease constipation
    • The lack of water in the body may lead to constipation. To improve bowel movement, kick-start your day by drinking water.

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