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Doc Willie Ong Suggestions To Control Spread Of COVID-19

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Here’s how the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled according to Doc Willie Ong, an internist and cardiologist.

DOC WILLIE ONG – Famous medical expert Doc Willie Ong shares what people must do in order to control COVID-19 spread in the country.

The Philippines is currently in the fight against the increasing numbers of COVID-19 infected cases. Just a few days ago, the country logged the highest number of cases, so far, in just a single day which is at a little over 8,000. PH is one of the countries in Southeast Asia hardest hit by the pandemic.

Doc Willie Ong
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Experiencing a deadly spike of infection, urgency in vaccination is being implemented but the arrival of vaccines from various countries is being scheduled. This means that people will be vaccinated by the cluster following the list of priorities set by the government at the same time.

With the ongoing fight against the pandemic, Doc Willie Ong suggests three things that the people must do in order to prevent the surge and control the number.

See below:

  • Nonpharmacologic interventions (NPI) – wearing of face masks and other protection. Maintain physical distancing and avoid talking without the mask.
  • Strengthening the body and immune system – Vitamins, eating healthy, a positive outlook in life, enough sleep and rest, and physical exercise are essential things to do.
  • Vaccination – Receiving the jab has possible side effects but this can lessen the severity and prevent death if infected.

(See: COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects: What To Expect After Vaccination)

These three must be done accordingly because doing only one from those won’t be as effective. He also shared in the video a study recently done whereas it stated that vaccination is not an assurance alone to control the spread of the virus.

He added that vaccines can help prevent for the disease to get worse and decrease the number of death but the vaccine to avoid the infection does not exist yet.


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