Doc Willie Ong Reveals and Explains Top 5 Disease Of Filipinos

Below are the top 5 diseases of Filipinos according to Doc Willie and here’s an explanation to this.

DOC WILLIE ONG – The list below are the top diseases as per Doc Willie Ong which are also considered as leading causes of death of Filipinos.

According to Department of Health, the following conditions and health problems are the leading causes of death in the Philippines:

  • diseases of the heart
  • diseases of the vascular system
  • pneumonias
  • malignant neoplasms/cancers
  • all forms of tuberculosis
  • accidents
  • COPD and allied conditions
  • diabetes mellitus
  • nephritis/nephritic syndrome and other diseases of respiratory system
Doc Willie Ong

These diseases are accordingly surprising as it killed more than any other causes. They affect various parts of the body in different ways but there are actually ways to prevent this such as healthy diet, physical activity and avoiding tobacco use and harmful use of alcohol.

Meanwhile, as per post of the public health expert Doc Willie Ong, here are the top 5 diseases that most Filipinos have:


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