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Doc Willie Ong: Health Warnings That Your Body Wastes Tell You

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Warning signs that Doc Willie Ong discussed which you must not neglect.

DOC WILLIE ONG – Internist and Cardiologist Doc Willie Ong warned us about these warning signs through our body wastes which we must never ignore.

What we put into our body eventually comes out in wastes and often time, what our body pushes out tell conditions through warning signs that we must not neglect or ignore. In solid and liquid form, Doc Willie Ong discussed what the certain color, form, or smell indicates about our health.

Doc Willie Ong

Check out some tips that the expert has discussed:

  • Pink or red in your urine could be the presence of blood into it or an indication that you have kidney stone. It is accordingly important to know the smell and color of your urine. If it is yellow, it could be dehydration. Even the smell of it has an indication. Once it has a strong smell, it can be a sign of UTI but sometimes, it is affected by the foods you eat. (See: URINE COLOR – What Does Your Urine Color Says About Your Health?)
  • How frequent you go to comfort room to urinate and the amount also tell a certain condition like UTI or prostate problems for older men. Too little or in some cases, not at all in a day is already a dangerous sign. (See: Doc Willie On Frequent Urination, Is This A Dangerous Symptom?)

Note: Through urinalysis, you will be able find out certain condition like diabetes, if it has bacteria, and among other signs.


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