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Doc Willie Ong Explains Signs That Tell If You’re Healthy Or Not

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Here are some important things that Doc Willie Ong has explained.

DOC WILLIE ONG – Internist and Cardiologist Doc Willie Ong has these important explanations about the signs which indicate if you’re healthy or not.

Flat abs, thin bodies, and thigh gaps are usually what we see in television and magazine which symbolize a healthy body. However, these qualities are accordingly not the sign which we necessarily have to achieve just to say we’re healthy. Being healthy is all about completely your physical, mental, and social well-being.

Doc Willie Ong

Now, health expert Doc Willie Ong discusses general signs that indicate good health for most people below:

  • One indication that you’re healthy is when you can stretch your body easily by sitting flatly on the floor and you can easily reach the tip of your feet by your hands. Being “stretchable” can accordingly prevent you from having an injury.
  • Count your heartbeat through counting the beat of your pulse on your pulse or in your carotid. The normal beat is 60 to 90 beats in a minute.
  • Check your feet if there is any swelling. A small swelling could be normal to women who’s work require to stand all day and if pregnant. If it looks bad, it could be a sign of heart failure, water in lungs, kidney disease, liver disease, and others.
  • Shaky hands. To determine this, lift your arms forward and put a paper in your palm and if it’s shaky, it can possibly mean you have thyroid problem.
  • Yellow eyes indicates jaundice which possibly indicates liver disease, hepatitis, and among others. Once this happens, you have to your self check immediately by a doctor as per Doc Ong’s post.


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