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Common Health Beliefs Explained By Health Expert Doc Willie Ong

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Here are some explained common health beliefs.

COMMON HEALTH BELIEFS – Health expert Doc Willie Ong shared some of the most common health beliefs and revealed the truth behind it.

As we grow up, we were introduced to many health beliefs that these beliefs have been passed already from a generation to another generation. However, there are some which are not backed up with Science. Thus, Doc Willie Ong shared some of it and revealed if it is true or not with an explanation.

Common Health Beliefs

Here some common beliefs about health and the explanation according to Doc Willie Ong:

  1. Peanuts make one smarter. True. This is because this food is considered as a brain food containing Omega 3 but must be eaten in a minimal amount as too much of this can weight gain.
  2. Egg and sweet potatoes can make you fart. True. The same goes to be true when you eat cabbage and talking a lot while eating.
  3. Warm soup (sabaw) after a meal for digestion. True. The warmth of this relaxes and and eases the stomach, thus, aids digestion process.
  4. Oysters (talaba) are aphrodisiac. False. This could only be because of how it looks like.
  5. Chocolates and peanuts causes pimples. False. Pimples is caused by hormones and not because of the food you consume.
  6. Comb hair 100 times for shiny look. False. Combing your hair this lot of times will cause breakage.
  7. Wash face with ice cold water every morning to close pores. True. Superstar turned politician Vilma Santos does the same thing before applying makeup.
  8. Apply first “mens” on face to prevent pimples. False. “Mens” is dirty and it shouldn’t be applied to any part of your body.
  9. Using of salt to whiten teeth. False. To avoid teeth discoloration, avoid drinking soft drinks, iced tea, and coffee.

See more of it from the post below:

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Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Tuesday, March 10, 2020


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