Cholesterol Level – What is Normal & High According to Doc Willie Ong

Doc Willie Ong Cites What Is Normal Cholesterol Level & What Is High

CHOLESTEROL LEVEL – Here is a guide on what are the normal and the high cholesterol levels according to doctor Willie Ong.

Undeniably, a lot of people are suffering from heart diseases or cardiovascular problems. These health problems are often obtained because of an unhealthy lifestyle. The diet of a person really plays a big factor.

Filipinos are fond of eating oily and fatty food which really spike the cholesterol level – a usual root of heart diseases. Sadly, having these health problems can lead to the loss of a life. There is a high chance that a person with a heart disease can suffer from heart attack.

Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level is one (1) of the best ways to fight heart diseases or cardiovascular problems. In a video, Doc Willie Ong cited the following cholesterol levels which are considered as normal and high:

  • Less than 200mg/dl – Normal Level
  • Over 200-239mg/dl – High Level
  • Over 240mg/dl – Indicates Need for Diet

According to Doc Willie Ong, a high cholesterol level can cause blockage in the nerves of the heart. Almost 50% of those who experience heart attack die. To avoid a spike on the level, you may do the following based on the video:

  • Avoid fatty food (The fat of the fish is exempted as it is healthy.)
  • Stop your unhealthy habits
  • Follow the “Healthy Food Plate”
    • 1/4 rice
    • 1/2 vegetables
    • 1/4 meat

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