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Can Banana Help Ease Coffee Effects to the Body?

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“Banana Help Ease Coffee” – Guide on the Veracity of the Common Belief

BANANA HELP EASE COFFEE – Are you wondering whether or not it is true that eating bananas can help ease the effects of coffee to the body?

A lot of people love to drink coffee but not everyone can stand its effects. To many coffee lovers, they can’t start their day without a cup of the drink. Some even do it to avoid headache – as they claim.

However, while coffee is a delicious thing most especially in the morning, drinking several cups a day can bring uncomfortable effects. Many people undeniably palpitate after a few cups of coffee drank successively.

Banana Help Ease Coffee

Have you heard this popular belief that banana ease the coffee effects to the body? Are you one of those who believe in it and would usually eat the fruit to stop all the other things brought by over-caffeination?

Unfortunately, based on an article in NPR, it is not true that banana can help ease coffee effects to the body. Usually, the two (2) are linked in a way that drinking coffee can make the body lose potassium – which banana is rich with.

However, according to Dr. Randy Eichner, one banana cannot solve the body’s lack of potassium if that is the link. For example, when a person lacks potassium due to diarrhea, he or she will need five foot long of bananas to recover.

According to Dr. Eichner, the best response to the effects of over-caffeination is simply to wait and allow it to wear off. It is important to observe the limits of your body in taking in coffee or any other product with caffeine.

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