Bloated Stomach Remedies: Here are Ways To Release the Air

BLOATED STOMACH REMEDIES – Are you frequently suffering from a bloated stomach and you are in search for ways to bid the air goodbye?

A bloated stomach can be a huge challenge to push through with the day’s work. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can cause you a bloated stomach making it hard to avoid at times.

Bloated Stomach? Dr. Willie & Dr. Liza Ong Cite How To Release the Air

Dr. Willie & Dr. Liza Ong Reveal Tips To Release Air from Bloated Stomach

BLOATED STOMACH – Here are some ways on how to release the air according to doctors Willie and Liza Ong.

A lot of people always complain about stomach bloating. Usually, they experience it right after eating a full meal. It can cause breathing difficulty and as well as abnormal bowel movements.

This health condition is quite common thus, sadly, a lot of individuals are taking it for granted and simply tolerates its symptoms – but that should not be followed. It can be an indication of an underlying health condition or it can lead to other complications.

How to treat a bloated stomach? In a video, Dr. Willie and Dr. Liza Ong cited that it can be in line with the irritable bowel syndrome. This is usually caused by stress and depression. To treat it, you may consider the following:

  • Warm drinks like tea
  • Relaxing
  • Walking
  • Massage
  • Avoid overeating
  • Avoid gaseous food like chips and oily food

Dr. Willie and Dr. Liza have their own advises on how to release the air caused by a bloated stomach. Here are some exercises you can do based on the post:

  1. Lie down flat for one (1) minute then turn your body to the left for another minute and turn again your body facing to the right for one (1) minute. Lastly, lie down flat face for another one (1) minute. It will cause the air in your stomach to move because of the different changing position. This can be done repeatedly until gas comes out from the body in the form of fart.
  2. Knee to chest while lying down. While lying down, bend your right knee to reach your chest then do the same with your left knee. Lastly, do the same with both knees reaching the chest. Do this in one (1) minute interval every position. This can be done repeatedly to move trap air in the stomach.

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