7 Coffee Add-Ons That Are Actually Not Healthy for the Body

Guide on 7 Coffee Add-Ons You Might Like To Stop After Knowing Why

COFFEE ADD-ONS – Here are seven (7) things that are usually added on a cup of coffee but they are actually not healthy for the body.

Coffee is undeniably one of the most popular drinks across the globe. It is also one of those that have hooked a lot of avid drinkers in different nations and territories.

Many individuals cannot start their day well without a cup of coffee. In fact, there are those who drink two (2) to three (3) cups daily.

Coffee is not only a breakfast drink. It can also be an excellent pair of bread for snacks and you can also have it in the form of a frappe or cold serve.

Coffee Add-Ons
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There are also other coffee add-ons aside from putting ice on it. Many people most especially women prefer adding creamers to their cup of coffee.

However, based on an article on Eat This, Not That, there are coffee add-ons that are not healthy for the body. Here is the list including the coffee creamer:

  • Shelf-Stable Creamers
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Flavored Creamers
  • Flavored Syrups
  • Cane Sugar
  • Oil-Based Keto Creamers
  • Condensed Milk

Based on the article, the said coffee add-ons are loaded with sugar that may not be healthy for the body. It can cause a spike in the blood sugar level or it may also lead to weight gain because of the calories it contains.

It does not mean that you must fully stay away from these coffee add-ons but it is essential to be mindful when you are having them to prevent the disadvantages from outweighing the health benefits of coffee.

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