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Why Tilapia Is Not Healthy for the Body Even If It’s Fish

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Reasons Why Tilapia Is Not Healthy for the Human Body

WHY TILAPIA IS NOT HEALTHY – Fish is known to be a healthy choice but not all of its kind is beneficial for the body – like Tilapia.

It is no secret to the public that fish is healthier than pork, chicken, and other meat. It has a lot of benefits for the human body due to its rich mineral, vitamin, and fatty acids content.

Before, most of those who like eating fish are adults – those who are in the senior years. Truths be told that kids and young individuals were more hooked to pork, chicken, and beef meats.

But, the rampant health conditions due to an unhealthy lifestyle awoke a lot of people. Many people now would prefer fish over other meat in the pursuit of keeping the body healthy.

Why Tilapia Is Not Healthy

However, do you know that not all fishes are healthy for the body? Tilapia is not healthy for the body despite its delicious taste most especially when it’s fried.

Many people undeniably love eating tilapia which is delicious, affordable, and accessible. It is one of those kind of fishes that is sold in most public markets.

Based on an article on LifeHack, there are three (3) alarming reasons why tilapia is not healthy for the body. Here’s what many people are not aware of:

  • Too much Omega 6 content – While Omega 6 is essential for the body, too much of it is not healthy. It can increase the risk of asthma, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.
  • Increased risk for cancer – Based on the article, there were numerous reports that some tilapia from China were fed with animal feces being farmed fishes increasing the possibility of developing cancer.
  • Possible ingestion of antibiotics, pesticides, and chemicals – Based on the article, crowded fish pens are more prone to diseases and farm owners let the fishes take antibiotics to keep them from these diseases. They may also be given pesticides to cure sea lice. These are risky for human health.

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