Street Foods: Reasons Why You Must Avoid Ihaw-Ihaw and Other Street Foods

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There are certain health issues regarding eating street foods and here’s why you must avoid eating it.

STREET FOODS – In terms of food safety, nutritional, and health, there are reasons why you must avoid eating street foods.

Basically the foods we see in stalls along the streets are called street foods. They are cheap, filling, tastes good, and you have a wide of variety to choose from. However, in other important aspects, this type of food seemingly don’t pass the standards in terms of nutritional value and cleanliness.

Street Foods

According to a study: Street foods can cause the emergence of foodborne diseases, due to the ease of contamination by pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms, and the development of chronic non-communicable diseases, since the street foods usually have high quantities of carbohydrates and fats. 

Moreover, since frying is seemingly the easiest way to cook foods, most street foods are fried in deep oil in large quantities and sometimes, it’s the same oil they used the other day. And frying, as much as we are all aware of, is unhealthy and they tend to have high calorie content.

Now, here are some other reasons why you must avoid eating street foods:

  • The frying of the same oil over and over again greatly contributed to increase risk of cancer.
  • They have this certain ingredient called “maida” which can cause glucose spike, high blood sugar level, promotes fat storage, and increases risk to develop diabetes and heart disease as per Practo.
  • These foods have high sodium content which is the reason why the last for longer period of time. And taking in loads of salt can cause hypertension.
  • Since these stalls can be found in streets, they are also being exposed to pollution which is just one thing that can multiply the the number of bacteria in it.


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