Stomachache: Guide on Food To Eat & Avoid If You’re Suffering From It

Guide on Food For Stomachache & Those You Must Avoid To Prevent It From Triggering

STOMACHACHE – Here is a guide on the food that you can eat and must avoid when you are suffering from a painful tummy.

A painful stomach is undeniably one of the conditions that seems really inevitable. Undeniably, it is hard to avoid as several factors may be causing it.

It can be a product of indigestion, of loose bowel movement or diarrhea, of food poisoning, of a very cold weather, of hyperacidity, or of several other factors. Some can easily be cured while others really need serious medical treatment.

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When you are experiencing stomachache, there are food that may eat to ease or relieve it. There are also those food that you must avoid to prevent the pain from getting worst.

Considering that stomachache is hard to avoid, it is best to know the food to eat and to avoid when you are experiencing stomachache. Here are the lists of these food based on an article on Web MD:

Food You Can Eat:

  • Liquids. You can start with liquids like a sports drink, soup, or coconut water. The coconut water has potassium, sodium, and calcium that your body needs.
  • Banana. Potassium is essential for people suffering from diarrhea and you can get it from banana.
  • Rice. Based on the article, start with a starchy and low-fiber rice such as white rice. The brown and black rice are harder to digest for the body.
  • Applesauce. The pectin that can be found in the applesauce can help harden your stools.
  • Toasted bread. Prefer a toasted white bread rather than a whole grain bread as the latter may trigger your upset stomach.

Food You Must Avoid:

  • Dairy products. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products are among those that you must avoid as they are hard to digest for the stomach.
  • Fried food. Based on the article, fried food can also trigger your upset tummy as they are harder to digest.
  • Soda. A whole lot of sugar getting inside your stomach can make your LBM worst. You can have this drink but in small sips only.
  • Spicy food. The digestive system works harder when you eat spicy food thus it is not advised to eat such food when you have a painful tummy.

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