Potato Chips Benefits: Here’s What Many People Don’t Know about this Unhealthy Food

POTATO CHIPS BENEFITS – Here are some things that many people do not know about potato chips which is considered “unhealthy”.

How do you know potato chips? They are popular for being unhealthy but delicious that many people can’t resist these tiny potato slices. However, what many people do not know is that they also have good offers for the body.

Potato Chips – What You May Yet To Know About This Healthiest ‘Unhealthy’ Food

The Healthy Side of Potato Chips Many People May Yet To Know

POTATO CHIPS – Here are some things about this type of chips considered as the healthiest “unhealthy” food.

Undeniably, although chips popularly known to be an unhealthy food, many people still cannot resist it. There are times that they are a part of the snack or a past time food while watching some movies.

Are you one of those people who love to eat chips once in a while? Some people really like having it most especially when they are looking for something salty.

Potato Chips
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When it comes to chips, one of the most popular types of chips is the Potato Chips. Undeniably, this type of chips is a favorite of many people. It can be mixed with a cheese powder, dip on a sauce, or simply eaten plain.

Do you also love to eat this type of chips? Are you aware that somehow there are some things that are healthy about this ‘unhealthy’ food?

Based on an article on Thrillist, here is a list of some of the healthy benefits of potato chips on the other side of its “unhealthy” tag:

  • Potatoes are really healthy vegetables. They are rich in potassium that it can even beat a fruit when it comes to its potassium content.
  • This type of chips are usually made with a vegetable oil. Based on the article, vegetable oils like the olive oil contains omega-6 fatty acid, the linolic acid. This type of chips is also gluten-free.
  • Many packed potato chips do not contain preservatives, sugar, and artificial flavors which are linked to several health conditions like cancer.
  • Based on the article, researchers found that the acrylamide found in this type of chips got no link with cancer. It is even present in several other food as well.

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