Oat Milk vs Almond Milk – Which Is Better and More Nutritious?

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See the oat milk vs almond milk details and find out which is better.

OAT MILK VS ALMOND MILK – Here are some important things to know about oat milk and almond milk and which is better among the two.

Milk is known for being a drink filled with almost all the nutrients we need in order to stay healthy. There are various types of this and two of these types are oat milk and almond milk.

Oat Milk Vs Almond Milk

These two are non-dairy, lactose-free alternatives created for vegans and non-dairy eaters. Apart from the two, there are actually endless options such as soy milk, banana milk, pistachio milk, cashew milk, and more.

And oat milk is made out of steel-cut oats or whole groats soaked in water then blended and stained using a cheesecloth or a special nut milk bag.

Almond milk, on the other hand, is made out of ground almonds and water. Depending on what type, other ingredients may also be included.

Commercially, this type of milk already has thickeners, preservatives, and flavorings to improve flavor, texture, and shelf life.

A cup or 240 ml of almond and oat milk has the following:

Protein4 grams1 gram
Carbs14 grams8 grams
Fat1.5 grams2 grams
Fiber2 grams1 gram
Iron6% of the Daily Value (DV)6% of the Daily Value (DV)
Sodium5% of the DVless than 1% of the DV
Calcium1% of the DV15% of the DV

According to nutritionists based on an article from Women’s Health Mag, oat milk is higher in almost everything seeing the figures from the table.

However, despite the figures, either is a fine option. Each has its downsides but oat milk has more nutrients beneficial to us compared to the almond milk.

These proteins include protein and fiber and essentially, these two help us feel full for a long period of time

Tony Castillo, RDN, dietitian, and nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition, stressed that among the perks of almond milk is that it is naturally high in Vitamin E. This vitamin has a lot of benefits like improving the skin and immune system.


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