Lucky Me Noodles Ingredients of Beef, Chicken Flavors

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Lists of Lucky Me Noodles Ingredients (Beef and Chicken)

LUCKY ME NOODLES INGREDIENTS – Here are some details regarding the ingredients of the beef and chicken instant noodles.

Undeniably, a lot of people are into eating instant noodles and other products that can easily be prepared most especially for breakfast. Many individuals are always in a rush every morning – students, office-based employees, and even some of those who are under a work-from-home setup.

Aside from the fact that “instant” products are easy and fast to prepare, many of them have also hooked the taste of many people. Among these are instant noodles of the popular Filipino noodle brand, Lucky Me.

Lucky Me which is a brand under Monde Nissin has several products including instant noodles, pancit canton, and other easy-to-cook pasta foods.

Lucky Me Noodles Ingredients

However, recently, the brand got into issues after several countries called for the recall of its products due to the alleged high presence of a pesticide on its pancit canton. Many were curious about the Lucky Me pancit canton ingredients following the reports.

Aside from its pancit canton, another product that many people love is the brand’s instant noodles. Surely, many individuals also got curious about the Lucky Me noodles ingredients.

The instant noodles mainly come in two flavors – beef and chicken. Here are the Lucky Me noodles ingredients based on each of the two (2) flavors:

Lucky Me Instant Noodles Chicken Flavor

  • Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, salt, acidity regulators: E501, E500, emulsifier: E452, stabilizer: E412, green tea extract. Seasoning: salt, spices (garlic, onion, white pepper), textured WHEAT protein, flavor enhancers: E621, E627, E631, whey powder (MILK), corn starch, cane sugar, chicken flavor, hydrolyzed SOY protein, dehydrated chives

Lucky Me Instant Noodles Beef Flavor

  • Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, iodized salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, cornstarch, natural and artificial beef flavor, soy sauce powder, spices, (garlic, black pepper), whey powder, carmel powder, carbonates, phospate, guar gum, hydrated chives, anticaking agent, iron, flavor enhancers, tartazine, sunest yewllow and tea extract

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