Lemongrass Tea Benefits – What You Must Know about this Herbal Tea

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Guide on Lemongrass Tea Benefits for the Human Body

LEMONGRASS TEA BENEFITS – Here is a list of the health advantages that drinking lemongrass tea can bring to the human body.

Herbal teas are among the healthiest drinks that you can turn to in the pursuit to stay away from diseases and keep your body fully functioning. There are different teas that you can choose from.

You may choose between black tea, green tea, ginger tea, Oolong tea, and a lot more. You might also like to consider lemongrass tea. Truth be told that lemongrass is one of the most popular healthy herbs.

Lemongrass Tea Benefits

Lemongrass is native to Sri Lanka and South India but it is now grown in several countries across the globe. It is widely grown in the Philippines and you can also easily buy it in wet markets if you don’t have your own lemongrass plant.

There are several lemongrass tea benefits for the human body. They range from protecting the body from diseases to relieving existing health conditions.

List of Lemongrass Tea Benefits for the Body

  • Relieves anxiety. Based on an article on Medical News Today, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center said that simply smelling the lemongrass tea ease anxiety.
  • Lowering cholesterol. Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research claimed that lemongrass tea can help reduce the body’s cholesterol level. It was found that such capacity is dose-dependent thus the more you drink this tea, the more your cholesterol level will go lower.
  • Helps prevent infection. Aside from the tea’s capacity to relieve anxiety, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center also said that this herbal drink has the capacity to prevent infection that can easily affect those who have weak immune systems.
  • Boosts oral health. In other countries, people chew the lemongrass to boost their dental health and keep their mouths clean. A study published in the journal Food Chemistry backed it citing that the herbal extracts of the plant are one of the ‘most potent inhibitors of bacteria growth’.
  • Helps boost the RBC level. Based on the article, a 2015 study found that continuous drinking of lemongrass tea daily for 30 days can boost the concentration of hemoglobin, increase the packed cell volume, and boost the count of the red blood cells in the body.

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