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Hotdogs Are Not Healthy for the Body Due To These Reasons

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Why Hotdogs Are Not Healthy for the Human Body

HOTDOGS ARE NOT HEALTHY – Here are some of the reasons why hotdogs is not a healthy choice for the body despite its delicious taste.

Undeniably, one of the most favorite foods of a lot of people most especially the kids are hotdogs. Many individual consider it as a perfect breakfast paired either with rice or bread.

Are you one of those who love eating hotdogs? However, it is also no secret to the public that it is one of the unhealthy food for the body – both for humans and animals.

Hotdogs Are Not Healthy

Hotdogs are not healthy for the body for a lot of reasons. Based on an article in Food Revolution Network, here is a list of some of the reasons why eating hotdogs is not good for the body:

  • Increases risk of cancer
    • Processed meats like hotdogs were identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Group 1 carcinogens. This group are consists of foods with proofs of causing cancer to people.
  • Bad for the heart
    • Another reason why hotdogs are not healthy for the body is because of its sodium and fat content. According to the article, just one hotdog contains more than 14 grams of fat and over a quarter of the daily sodium requirement of the human body.
  • Increases risk of diabetes
    • Processed foods have a higher chance of increasing the risk of diabetes Type 2 as they are high in nitrates and nitrites that are essential in the making of insulin.
  • Possibility of allergic reaction
    • Food dyes or additives that are present in hotdogs and other processed meats may trigger allergy on some people.
  • Questionable ingredients
    • Based on the article, there were previous incidents of food recall involving hotdogs because of unexpected ingredients like rubber bands and buttons found in the food.

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