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Dragon Fruit Benefits – Surprising Benefits of “Pitaya”

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List of Dragon Fruit Benefits for the Human Body

DRAGON FRUIT BENEFITS – Here is a guide on the surprising health benefits of eating this fruit that is also called “Pitaya” or “Pitahaya”.

Some fruits like apple and orange have gained their popularity as they are favorites of many people. Another thing is that they are easier to find as they are grown almost everywhere in the world now.

However, there are other fruits that are not so popular but they also bring a lot of benefits to the human body. They are hardly grown everywhere that is why they have not gained as much popularity as the other fruits.

Dragon Fruit Benefits

One of the fruits that are not so popular is Dragon fruit. It is also known as “Pitaya” or “Pitahaya”. It is a fruit of several species of cacti that are indigenous to the Americas.

Based on an article in Medical News Today, here is a list of the dragon fruit benefits for the human body:

  • Powerhouse of Vitamins and Minerals – The dragon fruit contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and zinc. It also contains calcium and copper.
  • Contains healthy fatty acids – Based on the article, research found that the dragon fruit contains healthy fatty acids such as the Omega-3 and the Omega-9. It also contains the natural oils.
  • Decreases risk of chronic disease – The dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants that is why it can help lower the risk of chronic disease.
  • Helps in digestion – The dragon fruit is loaded with fiber thus it can help promote a healthy digestive process. Studies found that fiber may also help reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Promotes healthy gut – This fruit contains prebiotics which are known to be microorganisms that are healthy for the gut.

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