COFFEE – What To Avoid Before Drinking Your Coffee

Guide on What To Avoid Before Drinking Coffee w/c Many People Love

COFFEE – Here is a guide on what you must avoid before having your most favorite cup.

Undeniably, a lot of people are into drinking coffee. Many individuals cannot start their day right without it. Some suffers from headache when they can’t have a cup in the morning.

It has a lot of benefits but this drink may also bring some negative effects if not taken moderately and at the right timing. Do you know that there are things that you must avoid before having your cup?

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Based on an article on SF Gate, there are four (4) things you must avoid before drinking a cup of coffee. Here’s what you should remember always:

Avoid eating food rich in calcium.

Drinking a cup of coffee after eating calcium-rich food can affect the absorption of the calcium in the body. It can increase the calcium you release in your urine.

Avoid food with nonheme iron.

Based on the article, plant food contains nonheme iron but drinking coffee after eating these plant food may not get you the iron needed by your body. It may affect the absorption.

Avoid food with zinc.

This drink may also prevent zinc absorption. This is why you must not have it after eating food rich in zinc. The absorption is affected by the presence of tennates which forms into minerals that are very hard to split.

Avoid taking vitamins before having your cup.

According to the article, the drink may have some negative effects on certain vitamins like the Vitamin D.

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