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CALORIE COUNT – How Much Calories Do These Common Foods Have?

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Here is the calorie count of these common foods.

CALORIE COUNT – This is the list of foods we commonly eat and prepare and the number of calories they have. Check it out below!

Counting your calories is truly essential may it be either for weight loss or weight gain. Thus, we made a list for you on common foods we usually eat and how much calories it has. However, note that the exact number may vary.

Check out the list below of common foods and their calories couns based on portion size:

FoodsCalorie Count
Bread white (thick slice)240 cals (per 100 grams)
Cornflakes370 cals (per 100 grams)
Rice (white boiled)140 cals (per 100 grams)
Medium Apple 72 cals
Medium Banana105 cals
Butter102 cals (1 tablespoon, salted)
Carrots52 (1 cup, raw)
Chicken breast 142 cals (boneless, skinless, roasted, 3 ounces)
Egg102 (large, scrambled)
Vanilla Ice Cream145 cals (4 ounces)
Ketchup 15 (1 tablespoon)
Oatmeal147 cals (plain, cooked in water without salt, 1 cup)
Pepperoni Pizza298 cals (one slice)
Beef (roast)280 cals (per 100 grams)
Cauliflower (boiled)30 calories (per 100 grams)
Cucumber10 calories (per 100 grams)
Lettuce15 calories (per 100 grams)
Orange30 calories (per 100 grams)
White table Sugar400 cals (per 100 grams)
Margarine750 cals (per 100 grams)
This is based on data from weightlossforall.com

Meanwhile, according to My Food Data article, here are the top 10 foods which contains the highest calories:

Foods Calorie Count
Homemade Granola597 calories per Cup
489 calories per 100 grams
Meats (Chicken Leg)475 calories on roasted thigh and leg
184 calories per 100 grams
Firm Tofu363 calories per cup
144 calories per 100 grams
Fish (Salmon)350 calories 6oz Fillet
206 calories per 100 grams
Avocados322 calories per Avocado
160 calories per 100 grams
Milk298 calories per cup
61 calories per 100 grams
Sweet Potatoes258 calories per cup (mashed)
101 calories per 100 grams
Brown Rice248 calories per cup
123 calories per 100 grams
Accordingly, these foods are best for those who wanted to gain weight.


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