Banana Calories – How Many Calories Does A Banana Contain?

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Curious about banana calories? Here’s the calorie content of a single banana.

BANANA CALORIES – This is how many calories a single banana contains and the calorie content of the other fruits you should know.

Fruits are generally healthy. Not only that they are packed with essential nutrients that our body needs like fiber but also because it has high contents of fiber. Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And among the most famous is the banana.

Banana Calories
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Banana has potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, magnesium, copper, manganese, fiber, and protein. The kind of fiber it has that makes up its spongy form is pectin which aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels.

This fruit also promotes fullness which may help you achieve your weight loss goals.

According to FoodData Central, here’s a guide based on the size of a banana:

  • Extra small (shorter than 6 inches, 81 grams): 72 calories
  • Small (6–7 inches, 101 grams): 90 calories
  • Medium (7–8 inches, 118 grams): 105 calories
  • Large (8–9 inches, 136 grams): 121 calories
  • Extra large (9 inches or longer, 152 grams): 135 calories
  • Sliced (1 cup, 150 grams): 134 calories
  • Mashed (1 cup, 225 grams): 200 calories

If you’re still uncertain about the size of your banana, just remember that an average only has 100 calories. Mostly, the calories of the bananas come from carbs at 93%, 4% protein, and 3% fat.

Here are some other fruits and their calorie count:

Apple1 apple (182 g)95 cal
Avocado1 avocado (200 g)320 cal
Blueberries1 cup (148 g)84 cal
Kiwi1 kiwi (183 g)112 cal
Mango1 mango (336 g)202 cal
Papaya1 fruit (500 g)215 cal
Pineapple1 pineapple (905 g)453 cal
Strawberries1 cup (152 g)49 cal
Watermelon1 wedge (286 g)86 cal
Grapes1 cup (151 g)104 cal
Raisins1 cup (145 g)434 cal


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