Sudden Weight Loss w/o Diet? This Is What You Should Know About This

This is how alarming sudden weight loss is if you’re not dieting.

WEIGHT LOSS – Doc Willie Ong has this important details about alarming sudden weight loss despite not doing any dieting method.

To some, losing weight is hard. This is the decrease of body fluid, muscle mass, or fat. To lose weight is intentional which involves regular exercising and dieting. However, there are cases that one person just suddenly loses despite not doing any diet method. This unexplained weight loss could be a sign of something else.

Weight Loss

It is alarming when your body just suddenly dropped off some pounds even though you are not trying to shed off some. Possibly a sign of a certain illness, the treatment to this depends after identifying the underlying complication of it.

According to an article from Doc Willie Ong, sudden weight loss can actually be an early symptom of certain diseases such as hyperthyroidism and diabetes. It could also be a sign of more serious diseases like cancer in stomach, colon, lung, and liver.

Meanwhile, according to Health Line article, depression can also cause this. The feeling of sadness, emptiness, and being lost interfere your routine and this affects one part of the brain which controls the appetite and poor appetite can lead to losing weight.

The best thing to do if you started losing weight unintentionally is to see an expert in order to know what’s wrong in your body. You must consult as soon as possible for treatment and also to avoid further complications.

For your weight to fluctuate throughout the year is just natural but for it to drop down drastically is something else. This is not common most especially without any specific reason.


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