DIET TIPS – Very Simple Tips & Ways To Lose Weight According To Doc Willie Ong

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Simple diets tips to heed according to Doc Willie Ong.

DIET TIPS – Here are some of the simple tips and ways to lose weight according to the medical expert Doc Willie Ong.

To be in shape, maintain an ideal weight, and a healthy body is what most adults are trying to achieve considering the demands of their job which always tend to make them forget to take care of their general health and body. As per science, as we grow older, the metabolism slows down which can possibly cause weight gain.

And now, from Doc Willie Ong, here are the simple rules and diet tips to lose some pounds:

  • Water – Aside from making sure to drink the right amount of water, stick with water as your only drink as well. Avoid sweetened drinks, milk teas, and juices as this will only add up to your weight and might even put you at risk of other diseases. Drink always water. Drink only water. You might also try to drink lemon water, black coffee without sugar, green tea, and chamomile tea.
  • Avoid sweets – If you like sweets, try to avoid it or at least, try to lessen your intake.
  • Rice – If you are sticking on drinking water alone, you can have your one or two cups of rice to eat.
  • Fruits – The best fruits if you are on a diet are apples, bananas, pears, and pineapples. Avoid sweet fruits like mango or if you really like it you can have a part and grapes or you can limit eating by just 8 pieces of it.
  • Fried – Avoid fried and deep-friend foods. Eat foods that are either baked or steamed in order to avoid oil.
  • Discipline – Always keep in your mind to always eat in moderation. Too much of everything is bad even too much exercising has bad effects to the body.
  • Japanese diet – Japanese people are slim and live longer and their secret is eating in small amount of foods only and not making their stomach full as per the video.
8 DIYETA Tips ni Doc Willie Ong

8 DIYETA Tips para PumayatPayo ni Doc Willie Ong

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Friday, September 27, 2019


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