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Tricep Dips On Chair Benefits – What Are Health Benefits Of This?

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Here are some of the benefits of doing tricep dips on a chair and how it affects the body.

TRICEP DIPS – This is the proper way to do tricep dips on a chair, several variations, and some of the health benefits it can give the body.

One of the most simple fitness activities that do not require any complicated gym equipment is dips. It comes along with several modifications and variations and the simplest way is using a bench or chair which is also known as tricep dips on a chair which is obviously targetting your triceps.

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Tricep Dips
Photo lifted from Coach Mag

You can definitely do bench dips, chair dips, box dips, bar dips, machine dips, or ring dips, and doing the tricep dips is just basically doing an inverse push-up. In doing this kind of dip, you are basically pushing yourself up while your palms are at the edge of a chair, bench, or step. Your legs are extended and your feet are hip-width apart and your heels are touching the ground.

This fitness activity is done to specifically create tone and definition in their upper arms. Aside from your triceps, you can also improve your shoulder and chest area and boost your ability to lift weights as per Women’s Health Mag’s article. It also engages your core.

Among the common mistakes in doing this are high shoulders, you’re dipping too low, you lock your elbows, and making a leaning forward movement that exercises your chest instead of your target – the triceps.

You can accordingly aim for three sets with 10 to 15 reps in each set. You can include this in your workout or in your warm-up routine to give your muscle the definition you want and build strength.


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