Burpees – How Many Of This Workout Should You Do Everyday?

Does doing burpees help to lose weight? Here are some things you probably don’t know yet.

BURPEES – According to some sources, burpees can make you reap many cardio benefits and may also be effective for weight loss.

A powerful, effective, and comprehensive bodyweight training is burpees. It is a very convenient workout and this does not need anything like special equipment to do it.

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And one way to motivate yourself to keep on doing this regularly is by remembering the many health benefits it can bring you.

Doing this everyday may help you work multiple muscle groups. The said bodyweight training can strengthen your shoulders, arms, core, glutes, quads, and hamstrings helping you get in shape fast. It is a workout combining cardio and strength training improving your body coordination and muscular endurance.

Essentially, the correct way of doing this include a a combination of a squat thrust and a squat jump and at times, push up gets incorporated as well.

It can result to an awesome heart rate, make muscle groups work at the same time, and burn calories.

In an article from Women’s Health Mag, Bridie Wilkins did the two-week challenge of doing this everyday. She did 20 of this every single day.

She expressed:

“By day five, I notice I’ve already got what I’m telling myself is more muscle definition in my arms and abs. I put it down to the high-intensity nature of burpees, and maybe a splash of my intense desire for this horrible exercise to do the business.”

This result was paired with proper nutrition.

According to Healthline, the calories one can burn in doing this depends on one’s weight. By doing 20 burpees, a 125-pound person may burn 8 calories, 10 calories burned for a 155-pound person, and 12 calories lost for 185-pound person.

To make things tougher while doing this exercise, one may do certain added techniques like:

  • a pushup while in the plank position
  • a plank jack while in the plank position
  • a tuck jump while in the standing position


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