Asymmetrical Face – Reasons Why Your Face Is Not Symmetrical

Some important details about having an asymmetrical face that you probably don’t know yet.

ASYMMETRICAL FACE – What are the details a person should know about having an asymmetrical face? Is there any way and tips to fix this?

A person cannot surely have a perfectly balanced and symmetrical face. Looking at your photos, you may notice that your eyes are not aligned or a part of your nose is higher than the other part.

Asymmetrical Face
Photo lifted from Medical News Today

There are really cases where one’s features will not mirror one another on both sides and this is called asymmetry. And one thing to remember, this is perfectly normal and is not something that could be a cause of concern.

This asymmetry is caused by factors like aging, trauma, and lifestyle choices. Some habits like excessive sun exposure and smoking may also contribute to this. But in cases like stroke or Bell’s palsy, the asymmetry is more noticeable.

Dental procedures like tooth extraction may also make a difference on your face. Asymmetry can as well be caused by an injury that one suffered during their childhood or in adulthood.

This is how you can improve your asymmetrical features:

  • Botox or soft fillers may correct it. However, these are just temporary.
  • Facial implants may also be done to make the face appear even. These are permanent and they are made of:
    • silicone
    • metals
    • plastics
    • gels
    • proteins
  • Rhinoplasty is a procedure used to enhance the nose. This is also called a nose job.

According to a Face Yoga article, there are some tips to naturally fix it. One doesn’t have to go under the knife and pay a huge amount. All it takes is to regularly and religiously do facial exercises.

One has just to spare 20 to 30 minutes to do this.


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