Doc Willie Ong Gives Tips On Exercising & Relaxing the Body

Exercising & Relaxing by Doc Willie Ong

Tips on Exercising & Relaxing the Body by Doc Willie Ong EXERCISING & RELAXING – Doc Willie Ong shared some tips on how to exercise and relax the body effectively. Everyone knows that exercise is needed by the body. However, a lot of people instantly feel tired upon hearing the word “exercise”. It is because … Read more

Dr. Liza Ong Reveals Habits & Food That Damage the Teeth

Dr. Liza Ong

Teeth-Damaging Habits & Food According to Dr. Liza Ong Dr. Liza Ong shared through a video the habits and food that can damage the teeth and what to do instead. Among the parts of the body that a lot of people were unable to take care properly are the teeth. Undeniably, a lot of individuals … Read more

Doc Willie Ong Shares 10 Tips On How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy by Doc Willie Ong

10 Tips on How To Be Happy According to Doc Willie Ong DOC WILLIE ONG – Famous Filipino doctor Willie Ong shared ten(10) tips on how to be happy through a video. Undeniably, a lot of people are unhappy with their lives. There are also those who are unconsciously unhappy and they did not notice … Read more