DRY COUGH – Here Are The Causes & Treatment For Dry Cough

Dry Cough

What are the causes and how to treat dry cough? DRY COUGH – Here are the major causes and natural remedies if you are suffering from a disturbing and painful dry cough as per Doc Willie Ong. There are two types of cough – productive and nonproductive – where productive cough produces phlegm or mucus … Read more

BEAUTY TIPS – Easy Yet Effective Ways To Have Youthful Appearance

Beauty Tips

Beauty tips for a youthful appearance. BEAUTY TIPS – Health expert Doc Willie Ong shares to us some effective tips to have a youthful-looking appearance despite aging. Aging is the process where one person gets old and everyone of us undergoes this particular process. We all grow old even animals, however, it doesn’t mean that … Read more

High Blood Pressure: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

High Blood Pressure

Here are some FAQs about high blood pressure. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Here are some of the questions and answers about high blood you must hear from the expert Doc Liza Ong. High blood shortens life by taking 10 to 20 years, thus, change your lifestyle and turn to a healthier one. Also, don’t forget … Read more

Coronavirus Tips – What To Do If COVID-19 Strikes Philippines?

Coronavirus Tips

Coronavirus tips and what to do if COVID-19 strikes the country. CORONAVIRUS TIPS – Doc Willie Ong shares some tips if COVID-19 becomes community outbreak and strikes our country, Philippines. Doc Willie Ong cited a report from CNN that the outbreak might be around “beyond this season and beyond this year” and can be spread … Read more

HEALTH TIPS – What To Do To Cure Cold & Flu Right Away?

Health Tips

Health tips to cure sickness right away. HEALTH TIPS – Doc Willie Ong shares some easy and important tips on what to do to cure sickness, such as colds and fever, right away. Fever is when the body’s temperature goes above normal range of 36–37° Centigrade (98–100° Fahrenheit). And when this goes up, the body … Read more

CORONAVIRUS FACTS: Is It Airborne Or Spread Through Droplet?

Coronavirus Facts

Airborne or Droplet? Doc Willie Ong shared a Coronavirus facts! CORONAVIRUS FACTS – Health and medical expert Doc Willie Ong shares a coronavirus fact whether it is spread through air or droplet. Current scare and considered epidemic already is the coronavirus. It has reached various countries already and the death toll already reached more than … Read more

Hemorrhoids (Almoranas): Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Some of the most important things you need to know about Hemorrhoids (Almoranas). HEMORRHOIDS (ALMORANAS) – Doc Willie Ong shares to some important things to know about this condition in terms of causes, symptoms, and treatment. Also called as piles or “almoranas” are preventable. They are swollen veins which is found at the lower part … Read more

Magnesium Rich Foods You Must Eat To Prevent Many Diseases

Magnesium Rich Foods

What are the magnesium rich foods in order to prevent a lot of diseases? MAGNESIUM RICH FOODS – Here are some of the foods you must know that are rich in magnesium to have better health condition and avoid having diseases. What is magnesium? It is a mineral that is helpful to the body which … Read more